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learning & Careers

Focus Education have dedicated www.learningandcareer.com website to the Learning & Career Profiling System. This System will help young people and adults alike to plan towards the learning and career outcomes they desire. It provides a conceptual framework for making informed decisions about personal development, education and employment. It helps guide young people to develop independent learning habits. Through data and dialogue, it captures what matters most to students; their interests, talents and areas for development. For teachers, it provides a language of learning and teaching for articulating and informing pedagogy and for greater choice in their strategies for classroom instruction. For parents, it provides a series of profiles and analyses that serve as much more than student report cards.


Download benefits sheet (PDF) for family, students and teachers

The Learning and Career Profiling System is designed to enable students to:

  • identify and articulate the human elements within the learning process
  • plan and engage in a range of discussions and activities to lessen the impact of factors that inhibit classroom learning and performance
  • build their motivation, confidence and strategies to improve their academic performance at school
    grow healthy concepts about learning, future and career
  • develop knowledge and skills to enhance life-long learning
  • build skills of selecting; organising and using particular learning strategies that are most suited to certain learning tasks
  • build skills in reflection and evaluation of their learning outcomes and adjust their approaches and plans, as necessary, over time
  • review their learning, emotional and career strengths and interests, and areas for development
  • choose appropriate subjects and courses for their careers interests

Visit the www.learningandcareer.com website for more information.