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Some examples of Focus Education products below.


Mind Your Brain

A Journey into the Mechanics of Learning, Emotions and Brain Care for Young Minds introduces students to the mysteries of their brain and highlights brain organisation and functionality in ways that are accessible to young minds. Your students will gain insights into memory, ways to care for their brains, emotion and behaviour. They will learn terminology to describe the processes involved in learning and new ways to foster their intelligences by nurturing their own brain growth during its most sensitive periods.

Mind Your Brain provides the essential ingredients for developing a fully integrated thematic approach to learning about learning. Its mission is to advance the understanding of the brain and provide rich learning experiences coupled with practical, user-friendly teacher resources. With slight modifications, the program is suitable for primary and high school students.

Product includes over 500 PowerPoint Slides and comprehensive 300+ teachers' handbook.
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Emotional Rooms

Learning In The Emotional Rooms

Why do kids act the way they do in schools? How do thoughts and emotions affect the way we view ourselves and our futures? Why must schools now deal with issues that are not properly or exclusively theirs? What would school look like if we focused on learning rather than teaching?

We are participating in one of the greatest leaps ever in understanding the processes of learning - the most vital imperative beyond survival for every human. Recent findings from neuroscience beg introspection on educators’ long-held beliefs about how young people learn. In this groundbreaking, totally revised, second edition, Learning in the Emotional Rooms - How to Create Classrooms that are Uplifting for the Spirit,

John Joseph draws on decades of experience and research to provide startling and decisive suggestions about the nature of the enterprise we call schooling. The voices of children, especially those that society regards as disposable, have illuminated this work. This book will challenge your thinking about education.

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Royalty Free

Royalty Free Images

Focus Education sell a vast array of brain related imagery completely royalty free. Our online library of images can be purchased and downloaded instantly. To see what is on offer, click here (you will be re-directed to the royalty free website)